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The Spirit Man:
A fifteen year old girl sets forth with her family in their old diesel engine car powered by fry oil in search of a new home. Their journey takes them to new places, both internally and externally as they rediscover themselves and come to terms with their past in a land of pines and swamp and people of surprise.

review: “I want to give a big shout out for The Spirit Man, a story beautifully written. An adolescent narrator embarks on a journey with parents, brother, and Uncle Stanley in a diesel car converted to run on cooking oil. What happens next is tender, magical, and convincing. Dave Jaicks has created a marvelous story which makes you feel it really could have happened just this way!”
Fred Gordon

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Horses In The Fog: A Book of Five Short stories
There’s the carpenter who gets paid from his last job in coins and meets a well dressed woman on the train.
There’s the rich man who aspires to be poor and what he does with his money to get there.
A group of dogs in the city find themselves all wearing sunglasses, and a young man on the brink of fatherhood thinks about camping on the moon.

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An excerpt from Horses In The Fog
“Ginny had a smaller framed body, but she was a powerhouse of brown hair that seemed to drape and pile off her head in ringlets like an abundance of harvested grapes. She looked at herself in the mirror, adjusted her clothes and wrapped her neck up in a worn poufy fur. She walked from her apartment into the evening carrying a small bag with some clothes, some shoes, some money and announced to some sitting neighbors that she was on her way to the city and might never come back. They could have the few remaining tomatoes they could find inside the vine that hung like a shock of green hair over her fence.
One man in coveralls smiled, then threw a wad of pulled grass in the air as she passed. He watched her walk off in high heels over the stone gravel….”

Dog Park: Filled with sweet sadness and humor, a dreamy woodworker who is all thumbs at his craft, visits and revisits a dog park with his dog and witnesses the lives of two young women who are on the verge of big changes in their lives that will put them on very different paths.

An excerpt from “Dog Park”
“They had been sitting around most of the early morning. Almost everyone was there. It had been a good morning. The familiar faces, snouts, and tails. Carol and Tim were there. Both had grey hair and wore black. They were like salt and pepper shakers as they stood together on the high ground overlooking their dogs. Carol was a teacher and during the summer and had taken on the responsibility of being the informal manager of the dog park. She collected donations and made sure the garbage cans were emptied.
She had spent her winters managing a classroom of high school teens so she was certainly capable of handling the dog park in the summer. James thought that those of us who knew of her and her service were quite grateful….”

Travelling with Willy!