Reviews of “Driving Home”

Berkshire Poet David Agar Jaicks (River Rock)has recently published his second book of poetry, focusing his observations on his own life in “Driving Home.”
The collection includes the occasional very short story placed among traditionally structured poems.
There is a clear alignment of each section with specific life stages, aptly titled,”Under the Influence,” “Speeding Along,””Engine Trouble,” and “Parallel Parking.”
In the first, the collection has warmth that reflects Jaicks’ emotional tribute to aspects of his childhood. Family and friends, and youthful idealism of adolescence(both literal and figurative) set the tone for the entire collection.
The second section entails the brunt of a focused life track, with an expansion outward into the coasting of mid life. The third zeros in on that same mid life, and the speed bumps one faces that create pauses in life and forced moments of introspection.
And finally, the last strikes a balance of understanding that is only reached in maturity and self satisfaction.
The overall presentation of Jaicks’ work is whimsical. There is an infectious quality to the joy he puts forth in his writing.
Typically, poetry encompasses a shared accessability for the reader. Jaicks takes a risk in being highly introspective almost to the point of reader exclusion. However, his undertone of appreciation for life and nature balances out missing pieces to an extent.
Ultimately “Driving Home can be enjoyed in one sitting and revisited to whatever stage one is so inclined to reflect on, regardless of age.
   – Jody Kordana
   The Berkshire Eagle


David Jaicks is a wise and whimsical poet who finds poignant truths while watching himself in the world. He might be on the road, or in a chance encounter in a hardware store, or out walking (and talking) with Willy. Wherever it is, he finds poetry in the moment. He measures the subtle coordinates of his postioning and tells you about it. Some pieces reflect Mr. Jaicks’ memory, others reflect Mr. Jaicks’ historical memory, others as fresh as right now. Mr. Jaicks is not afraid to put his emotions on the line. “Driving Home” is a handsome little volume and I look forward to the poet’s future work.
   – Fred Gordon