Reviews of “River Rock”

I usually scope out poetry books. May I be blunt? I’m fussy about poetry books. You may know that I am a huge Mary Oliver fan. That is my benchmark for poetry. I like to be moved by the words. I want to know that some thought and care went into the writing while at the same time make it seem effortless for the author. And that’s exactly what I found when I read this book.

I have learned to lower my expectations in life. What’s the point of getting all hot and bothered only to have to head to the showers with disappointment. David Jaicks did NOT disappoint me. The poetry is spartan and rich at the same time. There’s a haiku quality to his text. The words are expansive; the imagery is palpable. Like Mary Oliver, this is a man connected to nature and the outdoors. You can see him taking hikes in the woods with his dog. You imagine yourself being taken on a tour of his world, one gorgeous leaf at a time. When Jaicks says “the night is combing the hair of early dawn” you know he wakes up and sees with different eyes than the most of us. He gives the impression that he’s paying attention to the world and reveling in it. I believe that people like Jaicks, who see this way, make life worth living.